Beit RAMLA Zaytoun
Beit RAMLA Zaytoun
Beit RAMLA Zaytoun

Beit RAMLA Zaytoun

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LE 85.00 EGP

Inspired by the nature of Egyptian desert and its surrounding.

Part of “ Tabee3a “ Beit RAMLA soap family is filled with organic Egyptian ingredients that will take you to another state of mind. It will add some desert nature to your space with our selected handmade soap to match your comfort at your own space.

This product contains:
olive oil + coconut oil + almond oil + frankincense oil + vitamin E

Benefits of usage:
• Perfect skin moisturizer
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• help remove dead skin cells
• good for sensitive skin
• help protect and heal skin cells
• powerful antioxidant with great anti-aging properties

How to use:
Rinse the bar in your hands and stroke once or twice onto dry skin, then massage in.
The soap bar infuses the relaxing scent to bring you that restful state of mind.

Results: Smooth, soften and cleanse your skin