How to choose the best shoes for every season

How to choose the best shoes for every season

How you can choose the best shoes for every season

The right pair of shoes can definitely make or break any outfit. I mean, you wouldn’t wear sandals with a nightgown (at least I hope you don’t do that!) in the same way you wouldn’t eat an entire pizza on your way home from the gym (this is more understandable, at least :) ). There’s so much that goes into choosing the right shoe, from the type of shoe and the design, to the season and the materials used, the options are literally endless, but it’s so important to at least know how to choose the best shoes for every season.

The first thing you have to pay attention to is that the changing of seasons doesn’t just bring with it changes in the weather and the length of a day, but it also brings with it a whole new wardrobe! We all know that brighter colors are more popular in the warmer seasons, while winter is our annual chance to wear all-black and be on our way, but you really need to also put some thought into the type of shoe you want to wear in each season and how it would go with your favorite outfits. Ooh, but you know what? RAMLA is a timeless brand, so a change of season shouldn’t affect you but it is something to pay attention to.

Since I’m 100% biased towards summer (lazy beach days spent tanning and sipping ice cold drinks? Sign. Me. Up.), we can start this list off with the best shoes to wear in the summer and spring. 

Now, before we start, you should know. All of these products were carefully handmade by Egyptian women who put years of experience and passion into each and every product, all of which were designed to be timeless, working with a variety of outfits throughout the entire year. We hope you love wearing them as much as we loved making them!

The best types of shoes to wear in the summer

Okay, picture this: It’s a hot summer morning, and you just put on your favorite swimsuit and sundress. Your friends are “patiently” waiting outside (by patiently, I mean they’re yelling and honking for you to hurry up), and all that’s left is for you to pick the perfect pair of RAMLA to go out with, and those flip flops you wear every day just won’t cut it this time; you want your outfit to look perfect today!

If you’re not yet sure which pair you want to put on, you should definitely look in your closet for RAMLA to truly perfect your everyday look.



If you want to go for the simple and clean look, you really can’t go wrong with RAMLA slides! Not only are they super comfortable and practical, they also go so well with sundresses, swimsuits, jumpsuits, jeans, and the super-chic ones also go really well with dresses too! They’re really easy to style too; you can wear them with jeans for your daily errands, with casual linen pants for a simple summer look, and you can wear the right ones with your favorite dress.

Looking for cute slides to match every outfit? You’ll find them right here! We have the perfect slides to wear with jeans, others you can wear with dresses, ones that are perfect for the summer, and our Ramadan collection is full of goodies that we think you’ll absolutely love!

Summer Mules (Fabulous for those summer nights)

Okay, I love mules because they are literally the perfect combination of stylish, comfortable, and functional. After a business meeting or a wedding where heels were absolutely necessary, I can’t wait to get to my car, put on my mules, and just try to forget it ever happened.

They also work really really well with a variety of year-round looks. RAMLA Bambo are handmade in Egypt using recycled bamboo, and are perfect for summer gatherings when you want to try something really unique, and RAMLA Sahra are just perfect for those late summer nights, so I’m pretty sure you’d really love wearing them on summer and winter days alike! They’re made with a natural brown leather sole to keep you comfortable all year long.

The best types of shoes to wear in fall and winter

After summer unfortunately ends and the weather starts to get a bit chilly, we want to wear something that’s a bit more warm, and that better matches the colors of the season. For me, comfort is the name of the game. I want to wear something that’s both comfy and that fits my style, and I think RAMLA are the best types of shoes for that.

Now, while I do enjoy a nice day out on the beach, winter is a whole mood of its own. Warm blankets, hot chocolate, and warm soup are just a few of the things that make wintertime special for me. What I also love about winter is that I get the chance to pull out my winter wardrobe! Without further ado, these are my favorite types of shoes, and RAMLA styles to wear at this time of year. Now, all of these products will look wonderful across different seasons, but they’re especially suited to keep you a little bit warmer, yet light and comfortable since they are made out of super soft Egyptian leather.

Slip ons will make your life easier

RAMLA Layain

What better shoes to wear during this time than the slip on & off. Suitable on a night out with my girls, especially because they match from day to night. Obviously they look perfect with jeans, but they also work really well with dresses and almost anything else. My favorites are RAMLA Layain because there’s so much attention to detail that our Egyptian artisans put into making them, and because of all the sweet compliments I get wearing them!

Leather Mules (Did anyone say leather Gedo shoes?)

Leather Mules

Mules are always going to be among my favorites, regardless of the season. Their practicality and comfort is like no other, and soft Egyptian leather ones are great because they’re super warm and cozy too!
If you’re looking for leather mules that are high quality, you really can’t go wrong with RAMLA Arabi. They’re super warm and comfortable, handmade with only the highest quality Egyptian materials. At RAMLA, we make sure to pick our items carefully, to match perfectly with a wide variety of winter outfits.

The best types of shoes to wear in the spring

As the weather starts to warm up and the flowers start to bloom, it’s time for a change in wardrobe too! Spring is all about bright colors, skirts, and floral patterns for me, and the right shoe can turn a basic crop-top and skirt to an outfit that is to-die-for! You want to look for something that expresses your personality, that is super artistic, and you definitely want to have a few with those cute floral patterns we love so much.

S for Slides, Spring and Sun!


Slides, like slippers and sandals, are the perfect go-to pieces of footwear for beach days and spring. I like to wear spring and summer slides that truly express the colors of the season. I want my RAMLA slides to be colorful, and a couple of flowers can go a long way. Quality and timeless is the name of the game here. If your feet aren’t happy with what you’re wearing, then why even bother?

My favorite RAMLA slides for spring are these Gypsy Slides. They are made out of recycled handmade colorful material reflecting the identity of RAMLA, and the floral embroidery is different from one pair to the other. I also love these RAMLA Raffia Green Slides because they’re so colorful and unique, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments wearing them, so they’re definitely high on my list of slides to wear in spring.

Let your feet enjoy the comfort of light shoes

Light Shoes

The most important aspect to look for in a spring shoe is how light it feels. 

I love the feeling of airy freedom, and that’s why the choice of material  is so important to me.

Quality is everything too, when I think of spring, I think of lots of outdoor walks around beautiful Cairo, so you want something that is fun, easy and can handle the wear and tear of everyday life while still looking pretty. My favorite light shoes to wear in spring are RAMLA Lyn denim shoes. They’re really pretty and comfortable, and they match almost all my spring outfits! They’re definitely my favorite shoes to wear with skirts at this time of year.

Thanks for reading. I hope this article helped make things easier for you!

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