Women of RAMLA

Women of RAMLA

Women of RAMLA

How RAMLA is brought to life

RAMLA would not exist if it weren’t for the Egyptian women who make it possible.

Behind every piece you purchase is a dedicated, artisanal Egyptian woman who took hours out of her life to carefully handcraft and embroider every shoe, bag, clay cup, and candle.

These are no regular women. They work day and night in order to assert their independence and provide for their families and loved ones. These women are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and spouses who have dedicated years of their life to perfect their craft.

Our vision was born out of the need to make women aware of the value of their handwork - we wanted them to appreciate their own work, and help them understand how unique and one of a kind it is. Perhaps at first, it was a bit difficult as many of them believed that people do not truly appreciate and value their craftsmanship, especially with the digitally shifting world we live in. While this was challenging, we made sure to educate them all about the importance of handwork in preserving our cultural heritage, and its value. 

Making handmade RAMLA products is no easy mission, each piece takes time and effort. Did you know that each pair takes from 6-10 hours just to complete the upper embroidery, which is only the first step in the process?

However, these beautiful, strong women embed so much love and passion into every piece they make in order to bring them to life. Once the items are done, one can feel all of the love and energy imbued into the product 

Yes, RAMLA products only contain high quality materials selected for their aesthetic, durability, and timeless look and feel. However, without the artistic hands that work gracefully to create each pair, we would not be able to offer you such timeless, high quality pieces, and we definitely would not be able to offer you pieces that have a soul to them.

It may seem weird, an inanimate object such as a pair of shoes having a soul… But the truth is, the moment you put one on, you’ll understand. These pieces will grab attention from those around you. You’re likely to get a lot of sweet compliments on how cute they look on you, but the real benefit of wearing them is how they will make you feel!

When you wear a RAMLA, you feel more confident, more comfortable, more natural, more you. This is what RAMLA is all about. 

Comfort is not just about the way they make your feet feel, although we’re sure you’re going to absolutely love that. Comfort is a state of mind. It’s knowing that your RAMLA was created by someone especially for you. It’s knowing that the strong independent Egyptian woman creating your RAMLA created it while she felt happy, comfortable, and passionate. It’s knowing that you positively affected the world around you, and it’s knowing that you contributed to a brand that aims to enrich the lives of those around it.

The women of RAMLA are not just our partners and producers. They represent RAMLA - they are RAMLA; part of our family and part of the very fabric out of which we were made. To the powerful heroines in our life: we appreciate you. We value you. We believe in you.

Thank you for every day, hour, and moment you’ve provided us with your talents and dedication. Thank you to every Egyptian woman who is a part of RAMLA.

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